Special offers

Apart from Eurica and Standard trading conditions InstaForex Company offers its clients a range of special services modification of some points of trading conditions. It provides a wide range of capabilities for your work. This system has proved to be rather effective: each client can select exactly what he needs depending on his personal requirements to the trading account.

A client can apply for any special offer for both a newly registered trading account and the one that has already been used. For more detailed information on each service, please, follow the link corresponding to the offer which seems to be attractive to you at the page containing the list of services. You can also file an application form for activating a certain service on the account you have already been trading on.

USD, EUR and RUR accounts

In order to hedge your funds against the risk of US dollar downfall you can register an account in another currency. Accounts in a currency other than US dollars become weightier as their currency gains points.

Swap free accounts

This service is designed for those traders who prefer using trading systems not taking into consideration swaps. It is usually conditioned by their religious convictions that is why these accounts are also called "Islamic". Activation of this service does not affect the trading conditions of Standard and Eurica accounts.

Floating bonuses up to 55% for every depositing

With InstaForex Company traders who prefer receiving floating bonuses on each deposit rather than fixed ones can enjoy up to 55% bonuses on the regular basis. While some other brokerage companies provide such bonuses on a concealed term that they cannot be used in trading, InstaForex Company declares the freedom to trade with bonuses. A client can get a bonus at his/her convenience, since bonuses are credited automatically.

PAMM system: to Investors and Traders

Whether you are an investor or trader, InstaForex PAMM system will act like your loyal supporter on your way towards profit. PAMM investors can gain funds from trades carried out by more experienced, professional traders, whose performance can be seen in your PAMM cabinet and at the Monitoring webpage. PAMM system implies quick investment and protection of investor´s funds from being withdrawn by a trader. Profit shares are calculated automatically. For professional traders PAMM system is a great way to find investors that would provide them financial means to operate with. The investor selects a trader from a monitoring table the reliability of which is ensured by the company. Assess all the opportunities of PAMM system yourself! Do not hesitate to register!

Over 300 trading tools, including Forex, metals, stocks and futures

A comprehensive set of InstaForex trading tools proves to be very convenient for a professional trader, employing a wide range of tools for currency symbols, futures and stocks. As trader gains professional skills and experience, InstaForex Company offers him/her all the necessary trading instruments. A trader can alter his/her strategy, adding or removing certain tools.

Segregated accounts

InstaForex Company offers its clients to take advantage of an exclusive service Segregated accounts which ensures the protection of your funds against force majeure situations which might arise due to the company´s fault. With a segregated account client´s funds are stored apart from those of the company.


The InstaWallet system allows any client of InstaForex to transfer funds to the accounts of other account holders. The internal transfers between trading accounts are processed within the system. InstaWallet users can send money to the accounts of their friends, relatives and acquaintances. The transfers are processed fast; it takes not more than one second. For InstaForex clients who activated InstaWallet service the transfers are available now!

ForexCopy by InstaForex

ForexCopy is an innovative service which doesn´t have any analogues in the forex world. It was developed by InstaForex. The idea is to copy positions of successful traders with certain set up parameters in real time mode. This service is available to any client who has an account with InstaForex.

VPS for InstaForex clients

VPS hosting is the top innovation developed by InstaForex. It was created only for the company´s clients. This new service is beneficial for those who are interested in forex trading. Our clients are offered the most favorable price in comparison with other hosting services available on the forex market. We guarantee the fastest server which provides most of the needed functionality. The company improved technical capacity of the VPS hosting servers for the all available plans by doubling the number of processor units.

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