CFDs and Share Dividends

A "dividend adjustment" is always applied when processing operations with CFD.
When a Buy position remain opened on ex-dividend date the amount of dididend adjustment is credited to a trading account, when sell position is opened, the amount is withdrawn.
Here you will find a dividend table; it includes information about next date of dividend adjustment for every trading instrument of the NYSE group. Dividend indicated in the corresponding column is charged on every position for #CFD instrument which is not closed before the Pay date. All dividends are shown in the US dollars per share.
Example: if buy position of 2 lots remains opened on the trading account at the dividend`s pay date in the amount A on share #B, a sum of the dividend charged for a deal with shares #B will constitute (2 lots x 100 shares x A) USD. In case there are several positions on shares #B the sum of all positions is taken for index A.
If the deals` balance is negative (an amount of transactions per share has Sell- tendency) the dividend has negative index.

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