PAMM system FAQ

What is PAMM contact information specified after filling out the form of registration with the PAMM system and what is it for?

This information shall be delivered to your investment operations contractors. If you invest money or receive investments, you automatically get the contact information on the other party and vice versa. It establishes communication among investment operations participants, as the company only ensures such technical aspects as refunding and crediting profit shares to trader and investor accounts, yet not interfering in other cooperation issues of a trader and an investor.

What account currency is required to register with the PAMM system?

Presently, dollar accounts only can be registered with the PAMM system of InstaForex Company. In case you do not have a dollar account, you can open it online on the company's website.

I am a PAMM trader; I have approved an investment acceptance request. What does the "Waiting for synchronization" investment status mean?

The "Waiting for synchronization" status means that the investment shall be transferred to your account in the shortest term. Investments are credited to PAMM trader accounts approximately once an hour.

I am a PAMM trader. My balance did not increase after I accepted a new investment. What could be the reason?

Just after the "Accept investment" button has been pushed, the investment status changes to "Waiting for synchronization". It means that you need to wait for a while until the investment reaches the account. In case there are several investments waiting for synchronization, they all shall be added to the account simultaneously.

Are there any guarantees that a PAMM trader will not lose my money?

There are no guarantees that PAMM traders will definitely derive profit from managing investments within the framework of InstaForex PAMM system. The system is meant for ensuring technical interaction between traders and investors which includes entirely automated monitoring of PAMM traders accounts, money crediting and refunding. Thus, the system guarantees your funds safety: they shall not be withdrawn by a PAMM trader. Moreover, the system guarantees that you receive your funds from a PAMM trader account at your first request within 30-60 minutes (depending at which exactly moment between synchronizations you have sent a request demanding your funds back).

Can a PAMM trader withdraw the funds I invested?

InstaForex system of PAMM accounts protects investors from the risk of their funds withdrawal by a PAMM trader. A PAMM trader can only withdraw his/her share in the account which is not involved in trades.

Could an investor´s request to get funds back cause a PAMM trader account an immediate stop out?

In case there are few investors or just one with a share in the PAMM trader account over 90%, then such a situation may occur. But the PAMM system enables a managing trader to accept funds from hundreds of PAMM investors and keep the funds entrusted on one trading account; so, the probability of simultaneous withdrawal is very low and inversely proportional to a number of attracted investors.

Can I register a partner account with the PAMM system?

You cannot register a partner account with the PAMM system, but an account opened via a referral link is accepted for registration with the system without any restrictions.

Where can I see the current profit that can be withdrawn from the PAMM trader account?

Log in to your Client Cabinet, click on the "PAMM system" option of the main menu, then follow the "My Investments" link. Mind that an investor can only withdraw all the investments in one go. If you plan to withdraw funds from an account of a PAMM trader gradually, in several portions, you should make several investments of less volume in his/her account: it will allow you to withdraw each particular investment.

Is the SMS notification service informing a PAMM trader about new investments free of charge?

Yes, the service is free, but for one account not more than 10 SMS messages are sent per 24 hours.

Can a PAMM investor be a holder of the partner account via which a PAMM trader account was opened?

Presently, there are no restrictions on receiving a commission from PAMM accounts. Nevertheless, such accounts are regulated by the general rules of InstaForex Partnership Programme.

I am a PAMM trader. Can I change the commission I take for managing the invested funds?

The size of the commission charged is set by you just once when registering with the PAMM system and cannot be changed afterwards. However, you can open several PAMM trader accounts putting various commission rates for each of them.

I am a PAMM investor; I have sent an investment acceptance request to a PAMM trader. The PAMM trader has neither accepted nor rejected it. What is the validity term of my request and when will the investment be transferred back to my trading account?

If the PAMM trader is inactive for 72 hours since the request has been sent, the amount shall be automatically returned to your trading account. A PAMM investor does not need to wait until the 72 hours pass: he/she can also draw the investment back earlier, if it has not been approved by a PAMM trader.

Can a PAMM trader deactivate the PAMM system service and thus remove his/her account from the monitoring list?

If you want to register with the PAMM system as the other party (as PAMM investor instead of PAMM trader or vice versa), just open a new trading account. InstaForex Company does not put any limits on a number of opened trading accounts. In the near time the "Hide account from monitoring" function will be added; with its help one will be able to remove his/her account from the monitoring list.

Can I invest bonus funds in a PAMM trader account?

No, you cannot. You are allowed to invest your own funds only.

Which personal details of an investor are visible for a PAMM trader?

A PAMM trader can see the account number, email and phone number an investor specified when registering with the PAMM system.

Which personal details of a trader are visible for a PAMM investor?

Before investing, a PAMM investor can see on the monitoring list the account number, project name, ICQ and Yahoo numbers of a PAMM trader (always) and also his/her name and email if a PAMM trader allowed to show it. Additional information might be displayed after investing.

Can I get a bonus to my PAMM trader account?

Yes, you can claim for a bonus owning a PAMM trader account.

Is it possible to register with the PAMM system an account to which a bonus has already been credited? And what shall happen to the bonus?

The account with a bonus can be registered as PAMM trader account. The bonus shall not be cancelled and shall be regarded as funds of a PAMM trader.

If an investor has replenished his/her account, has received a bonus and has then invested these funds in accounts of PAMM traders, shall the bonus be cancelled?

A Welcome bonus shall not be cancelled.

Where an investor can see a size of the commission charged from profit which is set by a trader?

On the monitoring list. If the investment has already been accepted by a PAMM trader, then this data is also shown in the "My investments" section.

When shall the funds deposited by an account holder be displayed in the Monitoring section of InstaForex website?

This data shall be displayed within 2-3 hours on the chart (updated once every 2-3 hours) and within 5-10 minutes on the monitoring list (exclusively of the chart).

Does the partner who attracted a customer that then became a PAMM trader receive any commission for trading of this customer within the framework of the PAMM system?

Yes, the partner does. He/she receives a commission for trades of the customer as usually.

Can a PAMM investor cancel an investment acceptance request?

No, he/she cannot. An investment acceptance request can only be declined by a PAMM trader. If a PAMM trader neither accepts nor declines the request during 72 hours, then it shall be automatically cancelled and the investment shall be returned to the investor account.

What is the principle according to which the loss is divided between a trader and an investor?

The loss is divided proportionately to the shares of an investor and a trader in the account. Mind that part of the profit gained by a trader for funds management is not taken into consideration.

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