PAMM partners

InstaForex PAMM system provides every customer of the company with a chance to take zero-risk profit by attracting investors to the system. Engaging a PAMM investor in some PAMM account, you get part of profit made by a PAMM trader given he/she receives dividends from the investment you attracted.

There are several simple steps on your way to fixed profit within the framework of InstaForex PAMM system:

  1. Register with the system as PAMM partner.
  2. To choose a PAMM trader account you want to attract investors to, log in to your Client Cabinet, visit the PAMM system section, pick a trader from the monitoring list and click on the "Become an agent" button on his/her page. This procedure must be carried out for each particular PAMM account you have chosen.
  3. Right after the registration procedure, you shall be sent a referral link and widgets for each of your PAMM traders. You can employ them for attraction of investors to PAMM accounts.
  4. An investor follows your referral link and decides to make an investment in the account of your PAMM trader.
  5. If this investment brings a return, you can take up to 80% of the profit a trader made!

In order to register with the PAMM system as PAMM partner, it is necessary to activate the PAMM Partnership Programme for an existing account of a PAMM investor or register a new PAMM partner account by choosing the "PAMM partner" option in the registration form.

Example of gaining profit:

In his/her account settings PAMM trader 111111 has set 50% of his/her dividends to pay to PAMM partners (his own commission is 40%). You register with the PAMM system as partner and engage two investors in account 111111 via your referral link or widget.

The first PAMM investor transfers 1000 USD to the PAMM trader account. The second PAMM investor transfers 2000 USD. The investment of the first one causes him/her loss. After the investment is credited back to this PAMM investor´s account, you do not suffer any losses.

The investment of the second one brings him/her return in amount of 1000 USD. After crediting the investment with the profit back to the PAMM investor´s account, the system automatically credits a dividend equal to 1000 USD * 40% = 400 USD to the PAMM trader´s account. At the same moment you automatically get 50% of this dividend which is 400 USD * 50% = 200 USD. All payments are made automatically.

Having registered with the system as PAMM partner, you get part of the PAMM trader dividends; furthermore, if any of the investors attracted starts trading activity, you receive a commission as if your account were a usual partner account.

PAMM partner statistics

Registering with the PAMM system as PAMM partner you get access to InstaForex Partner Cabinet. As compared to usual Partner Cabinet, it contains both standard statistical data and statistics of investments involved. Choose the "PAMM statistics" option in the Partner Cabinet menu to see the statistics of current and wasted investments of attracted investors and also those already taken back by them.

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