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InstaForex News

In the InstaForex News section, you can learn about the most important events happening in the world of economics and finance. Four separate news releases are produced daily by a team of seasoned professionals. When building news blocks, they pay careful attention to ensuring data credibility and quality as well as promptness of release. This is what makes our information products fresh and easy to listen to.

Always keep in mind that in order to make reasonable trading decisions, you need to keep up with the latest economic, political, and financial events that make your fundamental analysis more accurate and your trade more profit-yielding.

Calendar and Reviews

The Calendar and Reviews section contains crucial political and economic events, schedule of data releases, and statistical figures slated for publication in coming days. Here you will find a timeline of speeches by presidents of the world´s central banks and heads of states, results of meetings, financial reports by major companies and banks basically anything that can affect Forex. The section includes detailed commentaries by our TV presenters about every upcoming event and the degree of its relevance to the volatility of financial instruments.

The economic calendar is a chronological overview of economic fundamentals and a key tool for any trader who applies fundamental analysis. Calendar data enables you to take the past situation into account and play the news in a way that gives you the most advantage.

InstaForex reports

InstaForex reports is a collection of video materials, including on-the-spot commentaries. This section comprises the most useful information from global markets. Here you will find trading recommendations from prominent analysts as well as currency, commodity, and stock market reviews.

To give you a sense of what it is like to be at the heart of it all, we have created video reports from annual financial conferences, ShowFx World expos, and other exciting forex-related events. We encourage you to watch interviews with delegates from investment companies, successful traders, and globally recognized experts that are eager to share their research and guide their listeners into the nuances and pitfalls of foreign exchange trading.

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