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No doubt, if you want to succeed in any field, you should improve your skills and broaden your knowledge day by day. This golden rule is applicable to everybody regardless of profession or working experience. To notch up the success on Forex, you should not just catch the gist of general financial mechanisms, but also arrive at through understanding of trading. So, InstaForex selected only worthwhile writings the most popular and useful books by real financial market guru. The authors of these bestsellers were acknowledged by millions readers worldwide. Now you have a chance to uncover forex trading secrets and recommendations from the professional traders.

Check out our section devoted to specialized writings and start earning on Forex with minimal losses and at low risk.

How Play And Win At The Stock Exchange by Alexander Elder

How Play And Win At The Stock Exchange by Alexander Elder, a Russian-born famous stock trader, is concerned with the key principle of trading on a stock exchange. The book is based on three backbones of trading: psychology, trading methodology, and risk management. Elder focuses readers´ attention on self-discipline, saying that it might help you to enjoy overwhelming success and avoid emotional traps. After reading this book, you will understand how to combine several analysis techniques to create your own trading strategy and select viable deals.

Trader´s Small Encyclopedia by Eric L. Naiman

Trader´s Small Encyclopedia by Eric L. Naiman is a book, which is sort of ABCs of fundamental and technical analysis of Forex, showing practical approach to financial decisions. This approach covers both theory and practice. That means that you should learn the theory of financial markets and at the same time manage your financial assets in practice. The writing is targeted at wide audience, thus it will kindle interest of both newbies and professional traders. Trader´s Small Encyclopedia contains theoretical base and practical materials that will teach you a trick or two of stock market trading.

Conversations with Forex Market Masters. Detailed Secrets of Their Success by Dariusz Sweirk

Conversations with Forex Market Masters. Detailed Secrets of Their Success by Dariusz Sweirk is a collection of life stories of famous traders whose road to success was thorny and hard, but they managed to grow into professionals of their kind. Dariusz Sweirk tells the success stories of such celebrated financiers like Joe Ross, Phil Newton, Don Steinitz, Robert Aguilar, and Wilson Neo. Each of them had their ups and downs, but nobody gave up believing in themselves and striving for their goals. You will discover the exiting world of finance and get to know true stories of amazing people.  This book will turn your image of Forex on its head.

Complex Fibonacci Analysis by Viktor Pershikov

Complex Fibonacci Analysis is a book devoted to trading on Forex. It suggests a unique inventive method of using Fibonacci instruments from a different viewpoint. Viktor Pershikov is certified as Master of financial technical analysis. In the course of his career, the author has been developing an original approach to trading based on applications of Fibonacci instruments on Forex. As a result, he created a new approach to analysis termed complex Fibonacci analysis. This method is a blend of the best modern achievements. In addition to forming a comprehensive view on plotting and using Fibonacci instruments, the author invented practical and highly efficient techniques of trading which he presented in his book. In Complex Fibonacci Analysis, you will not find a long theoretical discourse that usually dominates numerous publications on trading. You will read practical and versatile techniques of trading and plotting different analytical instruments of the Fibonacci group. While describing trading methods, the author shares his own opinions with readers and offers his personal views on technical analysis and the contemporary forex market. Compared to earlier essays on trading based on Fibonacci method, the book by Viktor Pershikov is the first one which contains specific schemes of charting and efficient use of instruments of complex Fibonacci analysis. The author´s expertise has been acknowledged at the international level. So Viktor Pershikov can equip his audience with a truly quality book which will be helpful for technical analysts and currency traders no matter what experience they have on Forex.

Reuters "An Introduction to Technical Analysis"

Specialized edition "An introduction to Technical Analysis" is the result of collective efforts by financial experts from Reuters Ltd. The book is a part of the financial training series. It is aimed at beginners in trading and investing and will serve as a basic course to those who have just started to explore technical analysis. The book is written in simple language which makes it easier to understand and saves time in learning this complicated subject. Authors explain in a simplified manner how to use various analytical methods in financial markets. Having read this book from Reuters, every novice in finance and banking systems would master the necessary terms, notions and principles of technical analysis theory and thus would be prepared to get started practicing the acquired knowledge and skills.

How to make money on Forex by Stanislav Grebenschikov and Vagram Sayadov

This book is noted for the simplicity of the narration and deliberately plain approach of the authors to rather complicated things. It is not a course book with abstract theories loaded with difficult economic terms. There are plenty of books on the classical trading aimed at both beginners and skilled traders. The authors generously share their practical knowledge with readers. When writing the book, they put a high priority on it. The material is presented in a vivid language which creates a special blogger style. So, a reader is captivated from the first pages. Being trading practitioners, the authors managed to shape a transparent system from random facts and inconsistent information difficult for understanding and analysis. The book consists of two parts. The first part is written by Stanislav Grebenschikov. The author prompts readers to make the same conclusions that he achieved himself in the long course of time. Besides, the book tells about serious mistakes of traders and advises people on avoiding them. The author describes the key principles of trading. So, making use of universal rules, any trader can generate sure-fire profits on Forex. The second part written by Vagram Sayadov deals with geometry of the currency market. This topic perfectly fits into the narration and complements the material of the first part.

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